Wuttipanara manoonya


Wuttipanara manoonya


Age:Adult Palnt
Type of Pot:Growing basket
Cultivation location:Exterior / Interior
Light Level:Shade

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Wuttipanara Manoonya: A Hybrid Orchid with Vibrant Colors

Wuttipanara Manoonya is a stunning intergeneric hybrid orchid obtained from the cross between Rhynvandopsis Dixie Delight and Perreiraara Bangkok Sunset. Created to enhance the beauty of its parentage, this plant offers an explosion of colors that makes it a striking addition to any orchid collection.

Features of Wuttipanara Manoonya:

  • Size: Wuttipanara Manoonya can reach up to 60 cm in height, featuring thick pseudobulbs and long, leathery leaves. Its medium size makes it suitable for cultivation in pots and vertical gardens.
  • Flowers: The flowers, arranged in erect clusters with two to five flowers per spike, are the highlight of Wuttipanara Manoonya. The wide and silky petals display a combination of vibrant colors ranging from intense red to reddish-orange, with hints of purple. The lip, in contrast, is usually red-wine with a golden-yellow center, adorned with fine and discreet stripes.
  • Flowering: Flowering mainly occurs in spring and summer, providing a spectacle of vivid colors for several weeks.
  • Fragrance: Wuttipanara Manoonya has a sweet and pleasant fragrance, reminiscent of vanilla with delicate floral notes.

Symbolism of Wuttipanara Manoonya:

  • Vibrant colors: The combination of red, orange, and purple symbolizes passion, energy, and enthusiasm.
  • Exotic beauty: The delicate and ornate flowers of Wuttipanara Manoonya represent the exotic beauty of nature and the uniqueness of every living being.
  • Pleasant fragrance: The gentle and distinctive aroma evokes harmony, sensuality, and the pleasure of being surrounded by nature.

Care for Wuttipanara Manoonya:

  • Light: Prefers bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods as it can burn the leaves. Filtered light near east-facing windows or diffused light in well-lit environments is ideal.
  • Irrigation: Keep the substrate moist, but not waterlogged. Water the plant when the substrate is almost dry to the touch, using warm water.
  • Fertilization: During the growing season (spring and summer), provide a balanced fertilizer diluted in water every two weeks. Reduce the frequency of fertilization in autumn and winter.
  • Temperature: The ideal temperature ranges between 18°C and 27°C. Avoid extreme temperatures as they can affect flowering.
  • Humidity: Appreciates moderate humidity (around 50-70%). Use a humidifier or place the pot on a tray with water and pebbles to increase air humidity.
  • Substrate: Use a lightweight and well-draining substrate, such as a mixture of coconut husk, perlite, and sphagnum moss.
  • Repotting: Repot the orchid every two or three years or when the pot becomes overcrowded, using a pot with good drainage and suitable substrate.

Tips for Success with Wuttipanara Manoonya:

  • Provide adequate support for the plant, as its pseudobulbs tend to grow vertically.
  • After flowering, cut the flower stalk just below the last node that bloomed. This will encourage the plant to produce new shoots and flowers.
  • Carefully observe the plant for signs of pests or diseases and treat them promptly.

Available at Tropical Orchids Portugal:

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