Dyckia brevifolia ‘red’


Dyckia brevifolia ‘red’


Age:Adult plant
Type of Pot:pot cultivation
Substrate:Terrestrial soil
Cultivation location:Interior/Exterior
Light Level:Shade 30%

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Dyckia brevifolia ‘Red’: A Fiery Bromeliad for Discerning Gardeners

Tropical Orchids Portugal is pleased to present a captivating variety of bromeliad – the Dyckia brevifolia ‘Red’. This exceptional cultivar elevates the classic saw bromeliad to a new level with its fiery red foliage.

A Splendor of Glory:

Dyckia brevifolia ‘Red’ possesses the same captivating characteristics as its green counterpart, with spiky leaves in a rosette shape. However, what truly sets it apart is its color. This special cultivar showcases a vibrant red hue that permeates the entire leaf, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Imagine the impact it would have in your garden, adding a bold touch of color and drama.

Beyond the Red:

The fiery red is not the only attraction. The tips of the leaves often retain a touch of green or brown, creating beautiful contrast and visual depth. This unique combination of colors adds an extra layer of intrigue to the plant’s appearance.

Same Easy Care, Stunning Results:

The good news is that Dyckia brevifolia ‘Red’ maintains the same low-maintenance care requirements as the original. It thrives in bright, indirect light and prefers well-drained soil. Water moderately and allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings.

Ideal for:

  • Rock Gardens: The vibrant red foliage will be a standout among the rocks, adding a burst of color and texture.
  • Xeriscapes: This drought-tolerant bromeliad thrives in dry conditions, making it perfect for water-wise landscapes.
  • Container Planting: Create an impressive focal point on your patio or balcony, with the red foliage stealing the show.
  • Indoor Spaces: Bring a touch of the tropics indoors with this exotic bromeliad, adding a vibrant accent to your décor.

Limited Availability:

Dyckia brevifolia ‘Red’ is a highly sought-after bromeliad variety due to its unique coloration. Quantities are limited, so don’t miss the chance to add this fiery gem to your collection.

Order yours today from Tropical Orchids Portugal! We offer healthy and well-established Dyckia brevifolia ‘Red’ plants, ready to thrive in your garden or indoor space. Become the envy of your gardening friends with this rare and captivating bromeliad!

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Weight,6 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 35 cm


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