Dendrochilum new spp Red


Dendrochilum new spp Red


Age:Adult plant
Type of Pot:Cultivation Pot 09cm
Substrate:Sphagnum moss
Cultivation location:Interior/Exterior
Light Level:Shadow75%

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Explore the unique beauty of the Dendrochilum New Red Species, a stunning addition to your orchid collection.

Description of the Dendrochilum New Red Species:

The Dendrochilum New Red Species is a remarkable orchid known for its long, elegant stems carrying small flowers in vibrant shades of red. This species is a treasure for orchid collectors who appreciate the diversity and lushness that each unique variety offers.


Elegant Inflorescences: The inflorescences of the Dendrochilum New Red Species are truly captivating, with a profusion of red flowers that add color and charm to any space.

Specific Care

While it may require specific care, the beauty of its flowers compensates for the efforts dedicated to its cultivation.

Suitable Environment: It adapts well to intermediate environments, providing ample scope for cultivation under different conditions.

General Care

Lighting: Prefers filtered to partial light. Avoid direct exposure to intense sunlight.

Watering: Keep the substrate slightly moist. Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to root problems.

Temperature and Humidity: It adapts well to moderate to warm temperatures and benefits from good humidity.

Fertilization: Use a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to promote lush flowering.

Enchanting Decoration

Acquire the Dendrochilum New Red Species at Tropical Orchids Portugal and enrich your collection with this unique jewel. Each plant is cultivated with dedication, ensuring exceptional quality and beauty. Discover the elegance of orchids with the Dendrochilum New Red Species!

Additional information

Weight1,2 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 40 cm


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